Premium Package Services – Gay Men’s Coaching and Therapy

Premium Package Services - Gay Men's Coaching and Therapy

In addition to my regular sessions, I also offer Premium Gay Men Coaching Therapy Packages if you have specific goals and want enhanced service for an additional investment.

Gay men often can be very focused, determined, and goal-oriented people, who want the best of everything and have high standards.  Extra time, service, luxury, and attention are often valued traits in many things we do.

Premium Packages are for you if you’re looking for more focused, more intense work that requires time and attention beyond a weekly session to get the results you want.

All meaningful and lasting change in thinking and behavior takes time; there are no “quick fixes” that yield enduring and reliable results.  If you’re ready to make some meaningful changes — and to commit the time and resources that those require — then a Premium Package is for you.

For example, here are some of the Premium Gay Men Coaching Therapy Packages I offer, and others can be created and customized for you:

  1. Premium Package Services - Gay Men's Coaching and Therapy Financial Health Package — $2,000 per month – In this package, we meet in 50-minute sessions up to twice per week (or 8 per month) and do focused work on getting your finances in order after a period of chaos or never learning good financial management skills.  In this package, I help you to make plans for saving for your retirement, plan a monthly budget, identify “leaks” to your budget, manage tax obligations, make long-term career plans, plan for long-term income growth, set financial priorities, and educate yourself on good spending and saving habits.  While I am not a certified financial planner (and I can explain more about this), I help you to change thoughts and behaviors that might be undermining your overall financial health.  As a result of this package, you adopt (permanently!) more sound financial habits so that you reduce your stress related to finances — for good.  This package includes up to two 50-minute sessions per week, plus (reasonably) unlimited text and email support throughout the month, and referrals to any ancillary resources such as other professionals, books, or documents you might need to get your financial house in order.
  2. Happy gay couple watching sunset on the beachRelationship Improvement Package — $3,200 per month – This package includes 50-minute couples sessions up to twice per week (or 8 per month), or 4 double-sessions (90 minutes) and includes specific goal-setting regarding a) Strengthening Commitment; b) Improving Communication; and c) Creating Compromises.  This intensive work addresses making your relationship work better on 4 levels:  Emotionally, Physically (including your sex life), Domestically (including managing a household, chores, finances, time management), and Interpersonally (managing the people and situations that threaten or undermine the quality of your relationship, including limit-setting and long-term relationship protection).  This also can include individual sessions, if needed, for either one of the partners.
  3. Premium Package Services - Gay Men's Coaching and TherapyCareer Planning and Strategy Package – $2,000 per month – This package includes up to two 50-minute sessions per week (or 8 per month), plus (reasonably) unlimited text message and email support in an intensive to revise, refine, and strategy your career.  This could be for young people starting their career, or for mid-life career change, or for retirement/later life career issues.  It includes discussion of your values, goals, income needs/wants, meaningful sense of purpose, and intrinsic/extrinsic rewards of work.  It also includes a discussion of ancillary resources (books, websites, networking groups, classes, other professionals) needed to support your short-term and long-term career goals.
  4. Premium Package Services - Gay Men's Coaching and TherapyDesign-Your-Own Package — Fee TBD — A package can be designed around a specific goal that you have, such as completing a creative arts project, starting a business, running for office, doing a charity project, becoming a parent, learning a new trade, completing a “bucket list” goal, or some other meaningful, specific goal or outcome that is important to you.  Features of this package and cost are to be determined, based on your specific goal.  This work is focused, limited in scope to one specific goal, and has deep personal meaning for you.


For more information on Premium Packages, please call/text 310-339-5778 or email