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Gay Therapy LAWhat are you trying to achieve in your life?  What do you need or want some help to accomplish?

People don’t hire me to just provide counseling, psychotherapy, or coaching services.  They hire me to help them make important, lasting changes for the better in their lives, such as in their relationships, careers, health, or overall well-being.


I am Ken Howard, LCSW, a gay therapist in Los Angeles (also serving West Hollywood and Beverly Hills, and other LA areas, and more places via phone/webcam) with more experience doing therapy a specialist in gay men than anyone else locally, and possibly in the country, with over 27 years experience.  I am an expert, licensed psychotherapist and life/career coach specializing in therapy for gay men and gay male couples, who can help you solve a variety of problems, now.An LGBT-affirmative therapist, and more specifically, a gay men’s specialist therapist, is equipped to help you in ways that are deeper, more nuanced, and ultimately more effective than even the most well-meaning straight therapist can.  There are cultural issues, socio-political dynamics, historical context, men’s psychology considerations, terminology, academic knowledge, clinical insights, and other details of “cultural competency” to work specifically with gay men that I offer, that only decades of clinical experience, writing, research, and personal perspective living with and among the LGBT community can provide.I’m not the cheapest therapist in town, but therapy is not an area where you want to skimp (would you want a “discount” brain surgeon?) when we are talking about high stakes in your life.  You make getting the help you need, and achieving the goals you want, your priority.  Your mind, emotions, behaviors, and choices when you are coping with serious life challenges and making important life decisions, need to be with someone you trust in their professional background, beyond a newcomer.I specialize in complex cases that would not be right for a younger, inexperienced gay male therapist.  I am comfortable working with topics other psychotherapists (including other gay male ones) can’t, or don’t feel comfortable with (such as sensitive sexual issues like erectile dysfunction or other sex therapy issues).  I have credentials beyond state licensure that enhance my ability to serve you effectively and efficiently, such as being an adjunct Associate Professor at USC (teaching an LGBT practice course, as well as evidence-based psychotherapy, and couples therapy), a published author, and speaker/educator on LGBT+ Affirmative Therapy, HIV/AIDS (I’m 29 years poz), Diversity, Couples Therapy, and Sex Therapy.Sessions are 50 minutes, and are available in my office in Los Angeles, or via phone or webcam, all over the United States, or the world.  I am available for private hire, and do not bill insurance plans directly, but I can provide California residents with receipts/claim forms if you have a PPO plan with “out of network provider” benefits.  I offer a limited sliding scale fee rate for those who qualify in annual income.  I think you will find that the investment you make in therapy or coaching pays off in meaningful results to improve your quality of life, and to solve the problems that currently cause you pain.Feel free to message me with any questions about my services.  Call or text 310-339-5778 for a free, 15-minute phone consultation or to make a session appointment.

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Individual Therapy

Life’s challenges can sometimes leave you feeling frustrated and overwhelmed. We’re here to help you cope with life’s stressors.

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Executive Coaching

Recieve executive coaching for business executive who enjoys success, but could use some support on how to develop the next step of your career,

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Couples Counseling

Frustrations in your relationship can be scary and painful. Couples counseling can help make the burdens become lighter.

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Online Counseling

With today’s technologies, you can access a gay therapist more quickly and easily than ever before, regardless of where you’re located.

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Counseling for HIV Issues

Succeed in all areas of life and cope with life’s challenges — including living with HIV. We help you develop ways to live life to the fullest.

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Addiction Counseling

 Therapy can help you get sober, and stay sober and you still get to have fun in your life. Feel freer, lighter, brighter, and more authentic.

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TV/Film/Media Consulting

Consulting for producers and writers of television shows and films about gay male issues, including cultural issues, trauma, HIV/AIDs, and more.

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Motivational Speaking

Develop an informative conference and inspire and entertain your audience with our motivational speaking services and workshops.

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Ken is a consummate professional, combining the best in common sense, practical business coaching, and a solid grounding in evidence-based psychotherapy. There are few of his ilk. I have become a better and more secure manager of my own life with his help. I recommend him to friends, particularly gay professionals who seek improved personal and interpersonal skills and business acumen. Ken wears both hats with considerable skill and warmth.

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