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October 2, 2010: On Bullying, Gay Suicides, and Healthy Anger

In case you haven’t been exposed to any news this week, it’s been a really “newsy” week — a really BAD newsy week, that is.  In the past weeks, there have been FIVE — that’s right, FIVE, an entire FIST — of suicides by gay boys and men that are as a result of vicious, … Read more

September 11, 2010: Remembering 9/11/01 from a Gay Man’s Perspective

Imagine, just for a moment:  A group of people, motivated by an extreme devotion to their religion, ban together and begin to plan action that expresses their rage against those whom they disagree with on religious, cultural, and social grounds.  They carefully plot a strategy to act out that rage, carefully, systematically, secretly, and determinedly.  … Read more

August 22, 2010: Bad News Calls for Resiliency, Resolve, and Revolution

Looking at the news over the past couple of weeks from a gay men’s mental health point of view leaves quite a bit to be desired. In my last post, I was talking about how the overturn of Prop 8 is a collective mental health booster for the entire lesbian and gay community. Conversely, the … Read more