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Two Bottoms, Two Tops:  A Gay Men’s Relationship Dilemma – Now What?

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In my private practice specializing in gay men’s therapy and coaching (for over 28 years), and more recently specializing more in sex therapy issues, one of the challenges that guys bring to me fairly frequently in asking for help is the dilemma of being in a very good relationship that neither partner wants to leave, … Read more

Topics in Sex Therapy for Gay Men:  Overcoming Fear of Bottoming

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[WARNING: CONTAINS SEX THERAPY CONTENT NOT SUITABLE FOR UNDER 18] I’ve been a specialist in therapy and coaching for gay men for over 27 years, as individuals and couples.  I work with guys on lots of issues and disorders, such as depression, bipolar disorder, OCD, ADD, substance abuse recovery, dating skills, career planning, and couples … Read more