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Gay Men and Food: A Dynamic Relationship at Any Age

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Gay Men and Food: A Dynamic Relationship at Any Age As of the time of this writing, it’s the holiday season of 2021.  And what marks the holiday season more than seasonal foods?  Everyone, gay men included, tend to go off their diets and indulge in holiday treats like cookies, candies, baked goods, and winter … Read more

The Gym/Fitness Connection in Gay Men’s Mental Health

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It’s not true that all gay men spend an inordinate amount of time in the gym, but it sure seems like it’s all of them.  For most gay men, it’s just routine.  There is something about gay male culture world-wide that seems to support the “gym lifestyle”, whether it’s for health reasons or for the … Read more

Gay Men and Body Image Struggles: Waiting for the Adonis in the Mirror

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When you wear extra layers of clothing, even when it’s not really part of the look you’re going for, or to keep warm; or when you stand to the back of every group photo; or when you avoid the gym, the pool, the beach, the hiking trail, or anywhere where you might wear less clothing; … Read more

Spruce Up, Dude: Gay Men’s Grooming and Its Importance in Relationships

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I’ve been providing relationship coaching and couples therapy for gay men since 1992, and over that time, I’ve noticed some patterns that will help, and hurt, a relationship. Lots of things help, but one that thing than can hurt is complacency.  Straight people know all about this; it’s the whole “married-now-let-yourself-go” syndrome — which can … Read more