Gay Men and Gym Crushes: Cherish Your Romantic Notions

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Gay Men and Gym Crushes: Cherish Your Romantic Notions Recently, a friend of mine at lunch mentioned that someone at a nearby table looked like his “gym crush.”  It turned out not to be, and my friend told another story, but his use of the terminology stayed with me, and got me thinking.  That term … Read more

Gay Men’s Fitness and Life Success: Don’t Avoid the Painful Stuff

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Gay Men’s Fitness and Gay Men’s Life Success:  Don’t Avoid the Painful Stuff   No Pain, No Gain As a therapist and life coach who specializes in gay men and gay male couples (for over 25 years now), I’ve noticed a theme in recent sessions over the past few weeks that I wanted to share … Read more

The Gym/Fitness Connection in Gay Men’s Mental Health

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It’s not true that all gay men spend an inordinate amount of time in the gym, but it sure seems like it’s all of them.  For most gay men, it’s just routine.  There is something about gay male culture world-wide that seems to support the “gym lifestyle”, whether it’s for health reasons or for the … Read more