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Gay Therapist Tips for Overcoming Fetish Guilt and Embracing Full-Spectrum Sexuality

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Last night I had the opportunity to attend the annual Mr. LA Leather event, part of LA Leather Pride Week.  One of my colleagues in the gay therapist community, Justin Natoli, MA, MFT Intern, who recently wrote a great piece on non-monogamy in gay male relationships, was one of the contestants. Another therapist colleague was … Read more

Fear No Leather: BDSM Play for Gay Men Who Are Scared Stiff

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Fear No Leather:  Benefits of BDSM Play for Gay Men Who Are Scared Stiff (keywords: gay bdsm, leather, rubber, s/m, b/d, kink) Imagine for a moment that you are overhearing someone talking.  They are saying the following: “Ewwww.  I just don’t get those guys.  That’s just weird.  It’s unnatural.  You’ve got to be sick to … Read more