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Gay Men and How to Avoid the Pitfalls of Dating

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Gay Men and How to Avoid the Pitfalls of Dating In my long (30 years in 2022) practice in psychotherapy as a specialist in gay male individuals and couples, I see trends that pop up every few months or so.  These past couple of weeks have been marked by a trend about single gay men … Read more

Gay Men’s Relationship Advice: How to Succeed in an Age-Difference Relationship

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As a very long-term (28 years) specialist in therapy for gay men, I’m asked often for gay men’s relationship advice, especially how to overcome some of the most common and classic challenges in gay relationships.  Among these are questions about gay relationship situational difficulties that have to do with where and how we live, such as … Read more

Gay Male Relationship Advice: How to Succeed in a Long-Distance Relationship

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As an LGBT-affirmative therapy specialist, and, more specifically, a specialist in gay men’s therapy, gay couples therapy, gay sex therapy, and gay coaching (life/career/relationship), I’m often asked the same questions for guidance over my long (28 years) career.  One of these is, “How do gay men successfully navigate the challenges of a long-distance relationship?”  And my answer … Read more