Gay Male Relationships and the ADD/OCD Syndrome

two men arguing with ties deposit photo January 2022

“Gay Male Relationships and the ADD/OCD Syndrome” In my psychotherapy and coaching practice specializing in gay men and gay male couples for what is now (in 2022) thirty years (whew!), I keep noticing a pattern in the gay male couples I serve that one partner seems to generally have a pattern of thinking and behavior … Read more

Gay Couples Therapy Challenges:  “My Partner Isn’t Contributing Equally!”

gay couple arguing deposit photo June 2019

One of the most common themes I hear in my psychotherapy practice in Los Angeles (specializing in therapy and coaching for gay men, and gay male couples, for over 27 years) is in relationships (Gay Relationship Inequality) where one partner has a complaint that he feels his partner is not “making an equal contribution to … Read more

Gay Men’s Domiciles: Is Your House a Home?

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  One of the positive stereotypes that are assigned to gay men (as welcome respite to so many negative ones) is that we have good taste.  Our sense of our clothes, grooming, cars, and homes are respected to be stylish, up-to-date, and of good design and quality.  But is this so for everyone?  Recently I … Read more