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Gay Men and Moving On In Life After Trauma

Gay Men and Moving On In Life After Trauma As a long-term gay men’s specialist psychotherapist and life/career/relationship coach, I often work with some of the most common psychological and psychiatric challenges any person can have, but they take on a deeper meaning for gay men and others in the LGBT+ community, or any group … Read more

Gay Men’s Dating Situations That Are “No-Go” – And Their Alternatives – PART ONE

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Gay Men’s Dating Situations That Are “No-Go” – And Their Alternatives – PART ONE As a long-term (30 years in 2022) gay men’s specialist psychotherapist for individuals, couples, polycules, and AASECT Certified Sex Therapist (CST), I work with guys daily on relationships – finding them, improving them, and, in some cases, coping with ending them. … Read more

How Gay Men Can Face Any Problem: Developing Resilience – Part 1: Traits

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Whether it’s Trump’s election and his appointment of virulently anti-gay cabinet members (my article on that is here), or just everyday life challenges that would be there regardless, gay men need support to face stressors of various kinds.  Things happen that are barriers, setbacks, and losses, and when they do, we need to mobilize both … Read more

Gay Therapist Gives Tips on Gay Men Aging Gracefully: Part III: Domestically and Financially

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In this third and last of my three-part series on how therapy can help gay men age gracefully, I’d like to share how therapy can help you be at your best domestically and financially.  (In Part I, we covered emotionally and physically, link here; and in Part II , we covered socially and culturally, link … Read more

The Tools for a Successful Gay Male Relationship: The ‘Three C’s’ of Commitment, Communication, and Compromise

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[This is from 2014, so some of the references are outdated like the evolution of marriage equality laws.  We’ve come a long way!] What an amazing turn of events for marriage equality in a relatively short time this year!  For a terribly long time, gay couples have pleaded, waited, marched, lobbied, and battled for the … Read more

Gay Men Conquering Anxiety with… Probability??

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Gay Men Conquering Anxiety:   Think about how you’ve been  feeling lately.  Felt any anxiety? If no, perhaps get another cup of coffee, read another blog, or go back to work.  🙂 But my guess is, yes, you have felt at least some anxiety about something in relatively recent times.  Like maybe this morning. I … Read more