Gay Men’s Spirituality: Reclaiming Rights

man praying

Gay Men’s Spirituality: Reclaiming Your Rights God bless you.  Namaste.  Blessed Be.  Salaam.  Assalamu Alaykum.  Shalom.  Those are the good words. Hate the sinner.  Death to infidels.  Unnatural.  “Gay lifestyle”.  Adam and Eve, not Steve.  God hates f*gs.  Those are the bad words.  Religion, historically and presently, has been tough on gay men, with their … Read more

A Secular Appreciation of Easter

easter bunny painting flowers

Keep Calm and Read Blog.  This is gonna be radical: Can we all just celebrate the religious holidays of this week without the religious part? I’m not a “believer” in anything supernatural.  No Samantha Stephens twitching her nose.  No Jeannie blinking her eyes.  No Casper the Friendly Ghost.  No Ghosts.  No Vampires.  No Werewolves.  No … Read more