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A Secular Appreciation of Easter

easter bunny painting flowers

Keep Calm and Read Blog.  This is gonna be radical: Can we all just celebrate the religious holidays of this week without the religious part? I’m not a “believer” in anything supernatural.  No Samantha Stephens twitching her nose.  No Jeannie blinking her eyes.  No Casper the Friendly Ghost.  No Ghosts.  No Vampires.  No Werewolves.  No … Read more

September 3, 2010: When You Can’t Even Do Suicide Right

The story of the week, for me, was the tale that included equal parts amazement and poignancy:  the report that 22-year-old actor Thomas Magill, of New York City, jumped off the 39th floor of his West End Avenue apartment after leaving a note on his Facebook Bio page that said, “I’m over it”, and listed his … Read more