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Enhancing Gay Men’s Mental Health: Lessons from Outfest, the LA LGBT Film Festival

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Enhancing Gay Men’s Mental Health:  Lessons from Outfest, the LGBT Film Festival It’s been a fantastic couple of weeks enjoying attending regular screenings at Outfest, the annual LGBT film festival in Los Angeles (  My husband and I have been enjoying this annual tradition every July for a number of years now, and we describe … Read more

Gay Therapist Reviews “Florence Foster Jenkins” (2016): Shrink at the Movies

[SPOILER ALERT: SOME PLOT POINTS REVEALED] For readers who are unfamiliar with this series, “Shrink at the Movies” is a not-very-consistent string of essays (ponderings, I like to call them) from my point of view as both a licensed psychotherapist in California (Licensed Clinical Social Worker, or LCSW) and as a life-long movie fan.  Being … Read more