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Counseling, Therapy and Coaching for Gay Men



Are you in pain and need help? Ken Howard, LCSW, is a gay therapist in Los Angeles, and is an expert, experienced licensed psychotherapist and life/career coach specializing in therapy for gay men and gay male couples, who can help you now.  Same-day or next-day openings often available.

Private pay with health plan (PPO) insurance receipts provided.  Resolve emotional struggles in your personal life or work life, or challenges in your gay relationship, with specialized help.  Over 26 years experience.

Call/text 310-339-5778 for a free, 15-minute phone consultation or to make a session appointment.


Individual Therapy for Gay Men

Life’s challenges can sometimes leave you feeling frustrated and overwhelmed. The one constant in life is change. Managing your life, building a career, developing satisfying relationships, and taking care of your emotional and physical health are things to strive for, to bring you a sense of meaning, purpose, and contentment to your life. Therapy and coaching with the right person can help you with all of these. Learn more about psychotherapy for gay men »


Couples Counseling for Gay Men

Frustrations in your relationship can be scary and painful. Maybe you are worried because you aren’t as happy in your relationship as  you would like to be. Couples counseling can help. We work together to see what needs to be done to make the burdens that you feel become lighter. Learn more about relationship counseling for gay men »


Why Ken Howard, LCSW?

There are many therapists who purport to work with gay men.  But our issues are different, and it’s critical to have a therapist who is knowledgeable, sophisticated, and experienced. Learn more about why therapy with Ken Howard, LCSW is the right choice for you.


Counseling for HIV Issues

You feel like your life has been turned upside down. You feel old, vulnerable, and mortal. You are scared like never before about uncertainty about the future. You wonder if you can date, have sex with, or have a relationship with an HIV-negative guy. Learn to put HIV in the context of LIVING your life, not having it “run” your life. Learn more about counseling for HIV issues »


Executive Coaching for Gay Men

Are you a business executive who enjoys success, but could use some support on how to develop the next step of your career, learn how to deal with “problem” staff, build a team, improve productivity or morale, or solve another kind of business or workplace problem? I offer Executive Coaching Services for executives who face these issues. Learn more about executive coaching for gay men »


Addiction Counseling for Gay Men

You might feel bewildered about how you ever got to this place in life. Something that started out just being for fun has taken on a new, darker meaning. Therapy can help you get sober, and stay sober and you still get to have fun in your life. Feel freer, lighter, brighter, and more authentic. Learn more about addiction counseling for gay men »


Online counseling for gay men

Maybe you’re someone who really wants to find a gay or gay-affirmative therapist, but you don’t live near a major city and you can’t drive to one without traveling a long distance. With today’s technologies, you can access a gay therapist more quickly and easily than ever before. Learn more about online counseling for gay men »


TV/Film/Media Consulting on LGBT Issues

The staff of are available to consult with producers and writers of television shows and films about gay male issues, LGBT, diversity, bullying, child development, trauma, phase-of-life, relationships, cultural issues, HIV/AIDS, psychiatric disorders, and other themes that might be featured in your project. Learn more about consulting for gay men and LGBT issues »


Motivational Speaking & Workshops

Are you a meeting planner or conference organizer looking for a dynamic, informative, humorous, and overall VALUABLE speaker? My services as a speaker can help you to develop an informative conference, inspire and entertain your audience for staff retreats, sales meetings, and trainings. Learn more about motivational speaking and workshops »

See how I can help. Call/text 310-339-5778 to schedule a no-charge, 15-minute phone consultation.