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Testimonials for Ken Howard

“I came to Ken because I had suddenly and unexpectedly lost my partner, John, to a massive heart attack. John had been my soulmate and the great love of my life.  My grief was overwhelming and really was stopping me from living a life.  Ken worked with me to find ways to both deal with my grief and to honor my late partner as well.  He is very pragmatic and made some amazing statements to me that made everything crystal clear.  Ken helped me in small steps to regain control of my life.  Thanks to Ken I honor my late partner everyday in some small way and I look forward to the great life that is still ahead of me.  Ken gave me the coping skills to deal with anything that life can throw at me!  And he really helped me to understand that John would very much want me to move forward with my life.  Thank you Ken!”
– CD, 51, GWM

“Ken Howard is more than a therapist and more than a coach: he’s a consummate, caring professional who has helped me and my business through challenging personal and economic times.”
– Ken E., GWM CE0, 52

“About three years ago I started seeing Ken for a myriad of reasons. One was to treat my Depression that was caused by my inability to pass the California Bar Exam. Two was to treat a Social Anxiety Disorder I developed while working in a hostile and abusive work environment. The third reason was to help me manage my relationship with an alcoholic mother and a highly dysfunctional family. The fourth reason was to help me develop better relations with boyfriends. Clearly, I had many different issues that were colliding at the same time.  I only saw Ken once a week but our sessions were always very helpful and efficient.  He alleviated my fears and depression and I soon passed the California Bar Exam.

During the past year when I developed a social anxiety disorder he helped me to get connected to a psychiatrist (MD) to augment my therapy with a prescription for an anxiety medication that alleviated my symptoms. Additionally, Ken taught me the coping mechanisms I needed to handle very challenging and emotionally charged situations with my alcoholic mother and dysfunctional family. He counseled me on how to change the methods in which I handled my relationships with my boyfriends.  Since then, my relationships have been much more rewarding.

Looking back, I am surprised how far I have come and how much my life has improved.  I am better-adjusted and just ‘happier.’ I no longer see Ken, but always know that I have a great “life coach” style of therapist whom I can always reach out to, whenever I need to again.”
– Adam, GWM, 32, West Hollywood

“I came to see Ken because ever since I was about 12 I had major OCD.  I mostly grew out of it by the time I was about 18, but in adulthood, I was still obsessive-compulsive occasionally about everything from checking my front door locks to washing my hands. I saw Ken’s ad and his office was near mine, so it was convenient.  Ken used Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy with me to address my compulsions and my obsessive thoughts on various odd things.  It was a little hard for me because I didn’t have great insurance to reimburse myself for his fee, but it was worth the cost to me. We had to work at it for a while, but it worked over time and now, thankfully, I feel liberated from all those old, odd rituals I used to do.  He really helped me break free of all that, and I am very grateful. I say, call–now!!”
– Johnny D., GWM, 29, Silverlake

“A Therapist for Everybody, Plus: Ken is a well-trained, caring, and smart therapist with a practice serving mostly professional gay men.  He has provided solid, goal-centered psychotherapy (he’d call it cognitive or something, I suppose) – and is not afraid to include some business coaching in the mix.  I’d recommend Ken to anyone wrestling with personal, psychological issues and the stress of running a business.  This guy is good at what he does; he’s not cheap by any means, but what good shrink is?  Like a lot of people, I had to shop around.  I’m sticking with Ken.”
— Guerogrino, 12/08/2008 – Google Reviews

Recommendations from

“Ken is bright and motivated, and a real professional. He has build a great reputation and practice through community involvement and smart marketing, but most of all through the high quality of service that he provides.”
— Stephan Roth, Principal, Stephan A. Roth Strategic Communications

“I have known Ken Howard for about ten years and I can attest to his professionalism and integrity. Ken is a caring and talented professional who applies his skills and soul to the practice of psycotherapy both with his clients and the community as a whole. I first worked with him while supervising contracts; He was the Director of Spectrum HIV/AIDS Services in South Central Los Angeles and I was employed by the County of Los Angeles Department of Health Services, Office of AIDS Prograns and Policy. Ken was always willing to listen to our input and worked diligently to deliver the best possible program to the agency’s clients. I then moved to the City of West Hollywood and our paths crossed again. Ken has and continues to be a great leader against substance abuse in the community and a voice for recovery and personal development of his clients. Ken is also a resource to our office and the City, and we can always count on him being there.”
– Hernan Molina, Contract Manager, Los Angeles County Department of Health Services

“Ken is an amazing individual whose care, compassion, and knowledge are unparelleled.”
– Tom Bercu, President, Tom Bercu Presents

“I’ve worked with Ken Howard, LCSW, in the HIV community in Los Angeles. He’s one of the most astute therapists I know here in L.A. in regard to the lives of gay men and people with HIV.”
— Tony Valenzuela, Writer, community organizer

“Ken has participated as a panelist at a number of City of West Hollywood events including a community forum addressing issues around Crystal Methamphetamine the annual Gay Men’s Forum. The City has been fortunate to have Ken take part at these events as he brings a great amount of expertise to the table as a therapist and coach. He is a pleasure to work with, is always very professional and is highly respected in the community.”
– Corey Roskin, Social Services Specialist, City of West Hollywood

“Ken is a consummate professional who takes great pride in what he does. He is an expert in his field who, through his writings and seminars, has helped people with a wide variety of issues pertaining to life enrichment and achieving self actualization. He stays abreast of the latest industry topics and uses the tools of his trade with master precision.”
— Carey A. – hired Ken for coaching in 2006

“If you are looking for a smart, intuitive, level-headed and kind therapist, then you have struck gold with Ken Howard. In a relaxed way, he gets to the heart of the matter and helps people live extraordinary lives. Whether it is a relationship that is struggling or a work or home difficulty, Ken can help you see through the fog and get to a place where you are happier and healthier. Be glad you found him.”
– Casey Truffo, CEO & Founder, Therapist Leadership Institute

“Ken is a true asset to any dynamic in which he participates. When working with Ken I find it to be a positive collaboration with an exchange of substantive ideas. He is very perceptive and has a gift for articulating nuances and finding ways to guide you in a nurturing and intelligent way.”
– Cat Lambertini – Financial Advisor, Morgan Stanley (colleague)

“I have worked with Ken for many years and find his work to be the utmost in professionalism and compassion. His work within the Los Angeles community, especially that of the LGBT community, is the hallmark of dedication. While working with Ken on many community panels, including the Los Angeles County HIV Mental Health Task Force, he has always provided a intelligence, empathy, and commitment to colleagues and clients alike. I would highly recommend him as a therapist, or in any professional endeavors.”
– Jonathan Lynch, MFT (colleague)

“In my interactions with Ken I know him to be very knowledgeable in his field. He has great interpersonal skill and I would highly reccommend his services.”
– John Skalicky, Owner, skalickyphoto (business partner)