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Resources for Gay Men

Below you will find great additional resources for gay men.

Resources for Gay Men

Some good, old-fashioned, Good Gay Websites:

Single? If so, consider, a relationship-oriented gay dating site:

The best question-and-answer website I’ve seen on HIV/AIDS medical and mental health issues is this one:

For great, practical workbooks that support the early steps of recovery from various substances, and are a great adjunct to therapy and to 12-Step meetings, try the following titles from Hazelden Publishers, Quitting Meth Workbook, Quitting Cocaine Workbook, and Quitting Marijuana Workbook:

Or, if you’re not ready to quit, but want to start to deal with substances in some way, try

One of my favorite psychiatrists in LA, Stanley Harris, MD, has a virtual online treasure-trove of links. See his website, too, at:

I hope these resources for gay men are useful to you.

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