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Distance Coaching Via Webcam, Phone, or Email Exchange

Distance Coaching Via Webcam, Phone, or Email ExchangeAre you looking for online therapy for gay men?  Or distance coaching for gay men?  Now, even if you don’t live in Southern California, you can still work with me if you would like–through the power and convenience of communicating via webcam, phone, or email consultation exchange.

In big cities, it’s easier to find gay therapists or gay-affirmative therapists who provide LGBT-affirmative therapy.  But in smaller cities in the United States or even larger cities in the world, it’s harder to find someone who specializes in therapy and coaching for gay male individuals or gay male couples.  Fortunately, we have the power to connect from anywhere that has Internet service or phone service.

Distance Coaching for Gay Men

You can schedule these distance coaching sessions for the topics that concern you the most, from mental health, health, gay men’s relationships, career, social life, finances, gay men’s sexual issues, or other topics that you would like help with.

Since I’m only licensed to provide psychotherapy in California, webcam, phone, and email consultations outside California are considered life/business/relationship coaching services. While there is some overlap, I can explain some important differences.

Email me at or text/call me at 310-339-5778 for more information and answers to your questions on how Coaching Services could help you. It’s a great way to…”Have the Life You  Want!”

I’m here to help you, wherever you are. Text or call my cell at 310-339-5778 or email to schedule a no-charge, 15-minute consultation.