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Guest Blog:  Gay Therapist Brandon Malde-Zoradi on Gay Men Working Through the Pain of Religious Abuse

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Guest Blog by Brandon Malde-Zoradi, MA, AMFT, APCC, Staff Clinician at GayTherapyLA:  “Gay Therapist on Working Through the Pain of Religious Abuse” Religion can be uncomfortable to discuss at times; it should be no surprise why this topic often makes the lists of things that should not be brought up at dinner or a party. … Read more

Toxic Masculinity: A Call for Resistance to Gender Conformity Enforcement

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Gay Men and Toxic Masculinity:  A Call for Resistance to Gender Conformity Enforcement As the founder and director of GayTherapyLA, a psychotherapy and coaching practice specializing in therapy for gay men and counseling for gay male couples (26 years), a theme that I see among clients from time to time includes the gay male client’s … Read more

Everyone Line Up: Boy, Girl, Boy, Girl

One of the sound bytes I remember from my days in elementary school was the phrase, “Everyone line up: boy, girl, boy, girl!” For teachers and school administrators, this was an easy of way of doing crowd control for groups of rambunctious kids. But I remember this was also rife with very predictable, homophobic and sexist jokes, where someone inevitably would say, “Hey, [fill-in-the-blank], which are you?”

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