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Gay Men and Sexting: Relax, It’s Just Texts

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A while back, I wrote an article about gay men and resisting the urge to “snoop” – that is, looking at your boyfriend/partner/spouse’s phone without his permission; more on that here. And in this article here, I offered some advice on how to use social media but avoid overwhelm, jealousy, mistrust, and stress.  Similarly, I’d … Read more

Gay Men and Social Media: How to Avoid Overwhelm, Jealousy, Mistrust, and Stress

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Gay men can be early-adopters of technology.  Maybe we just have more money for gadgets because, in general, we’re not sweating having to save for the kids’ college fund.  We tend to accumulate electronic toys — and on those toys, social media apps: Facebook.  Twitter.  LinkedIn.  Instagram.  Grindr.  Scruff.  Jackd.  Tindr.  Many of them.  Social … Read more