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Coming Into Therapy Scary

Dear Ken,I’m impressed with your website, but I’m just afraid to come in. I’m afraid what it will cost, and that I might not like what I see when I really look at myself. How do I feel safe in coming in to see you?

Reluctant Patient

Dear Reluctant,

I know this process is scary. If you can’t afford to see me after a reasonable discussion and negotiation, I will refer you to others who can help you, including associates in my office who work on the weekend when I’m not in the office, or I can refer you to various community non-profit programs who serve low-income people. Also, in therapy, YOU set the pace. We don’t discuss anything that you don’t want to, and only as much or as long as you wish before you change the topic. When you “control the wheel”, you decide “where the car goes.” Be brave — I hope to see you!

– Ken Howard

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