Two Bottoms, Two Tops:  A Gay Men’s Relationship Dilemma – Now What?

In my private practice specializing in gay men’s therapy and coaching (for over 28 years), and more recently specializing more in sex therapy issues, one of the challenges that guys bring to me fairly frequently in asking for help is the dilemma of being in a very good relationship that neither partner wants to leave, … Read more

Topics in Sex Therapy for Gay Men:  Overcoming Fear of Topping

[WARNING: CONTAINS SEX THERAPY CONTENT NOT SUITABLE FOR UNDER 18] In part one of this two-part article on gay men’s fears in sex, I discussed the fear of bottoming.  In this part, we look at gay men who have a fear of topping instead. I’ve been a specialist in therapy and coaching for gay men … Read more

Gay Therapist on Gay Men and Erectile Dysfunction: Cognitive Causes and Cures

Gay Men and Erectile Dysfunction: Cognitive Causes and Cures

Hard Times:  Gay Men and Erectile Dysfunction – Causes and Cures Background:  Erectile Dysfunction in Gay Men I’ve been a therapist who specializes in therapy for gay men for over 26 years, and one of the most frequent topics discussed in my office is about sexual anxieties, in particular erectile dysfunction (ED), sometimes in the … Read more

A Gay Therapist’s Tips for Gay to Men Improve Sexual Functioning: The Mind/Body Connection

How Gay Men Improve Sexual Functioning:  The Mind/Body Connection   Sexual Satisfaction as Personal Right As I’ve learned over 25 years providing gay-affirmative therapy and coaching for gay men and gay male couples all over the world, a robust mental health is made up of certain core components.  A part of good mental health is … Read more