Tips for Problem-Solving in Gay Men’s Open Relationships from a Gay Therapist

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Problem-Solving in Gay Men’s Open Relationships:  Special Topics In a number of previous blog articles on gay men’s relationships in general, and gay open relationships in particular, such as How to Have An Open Relationship Without Hurt Feelings, Part One and Part Two, I’ve discussed how research shows that about half of gay male couples … Read more

Gay Therapist Gives Gay Relationship Tips: Resist the Urge to Snoop!

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After 27 years as a therapist who specializes in gay men and couples, I’ve seen many problems in relationships repeat, over and over.  One of these is the issue of couples who are struggling to deal with jealousy.  And among jealousy issues, is snooping. Snooping is any act where one partner is doing something secretly … Read more

Gay Therapist Gives Tips for Coping with Jealousy in Gay Men’s Relationships

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Recently someone emailed me a question, and I decided to write more about the topic of jealousy in gay men’s relationships, and how to deal with insecurity, in yourself, or in a partner.  See below: Q: What do you suggest to people when they constantly compare themselves to others or don’t feel “good enough”, which … Read more