Gay Men’s Strengths: Making the Most of Your Culture

Reaching Out to Culture

  I have been a psychotherapist specializing in gay men for over 28 years, and I do this as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in California, as well as providing life/career/relationship coaching to guys outside of California and in other states and other countries around the world, and I’m also a trained sex therapist.  But … Read more

Gay Men’s Spirituality: Reclaiming Rights

man praying

Gay Men’s Spirituality: Reclaiming Your Rights God bless you.  Namaste.  Blessed Be.  Salaam.  Assalamu Alaykum.  Shalom.  Those are the good words. Hate the sinner.  Death to infidels.  Unnatural.  “Gay lifestyle”.  Adam and Eve, not Steve.  God hates f*gs.  Those are the bad words.  Religion, historically and presently, has been tough on gay men, with their … Read more