Grow Your Career: Gay Men and the Informational Interview

In my practice, I do a lot of career coaching. Whether it’s guys in their 20’s who are making their mark on the world, or guys in their 30’s who are often getting their first management positions, midlife guys who are making a career change, or early retirees trying to decide what to do after … Read more

Five Work Transitions for Gay Men that Could Benefit from Career Coaching

While I do mainstream psychotherapy sessions in my office for people with depression, anxiety, trauma, relationship conflicts, and many psychological disorders, I’ve also had many requests for career coaching in the past year especially.  Many guys have friends, bosses, family, and maybe even a mentor of sorts, but career coaching fulfills something none of these … Read more

Therapy and Coaching for Gay Male Actors, Writers, Designers, and Other Creative Professionals: Celebrating Success, Managing Challenges

As a psychotherapist and career coach in Los Angeles for over 28 years who specializes in gay men, the founder of, it’s inevitable that I would work with quite a few creative professionals:  actors, television writers, models, singers, designers, and others in the course of a year.  This year has been especially active with … Read more

Gay Men Keeping Perspective: Quality of Life for A Place in History

Gay Therapist Gives Tips on How to Manage Money in Gay Men's Relationships

Many factors affect your quality of life, just day-to-day.  But one tip that I have used that helps me, and the clients I counsel and coach, is to keep perspective about your personal life, your work, and your social life in an historical context of the age in history in which we live.  Many people … Read more

Gay Men’s Success in Building a Business or Self-Employment: If You Build It, They Will Come

One of the things that I do in my practice as a specialist in therapy for gay men (27 years), as well as career coaching for gay men, that most other therapists don’t do, is that I provide career and business coaching sessions (in my office, over the phone, or over Skype) for guys who … Read more

Mastermind Groups for Gay Men: How to Take Your Career Higher

Would you like to earn more money, work in the field you want, and make steady progress until you’re at the height of your chosen career field? Most gay men (and, indeed, most people) that I know would say “yes” to all of those.  However, only some will achieve that.  In general, gay men deal … Read more

How to Establish and Sustain Your Dream Career: A Guide for Gay Men

I often like to say my clients when I’m providing career counseling and coaching at my office that I’m “one of those obnoxious people who has his dream career.”  You know the type: they are happy, contented people who seem to be doing what they love, making a good living, and just all-around having a … Read more

Life as a Gay Male Introvert: 5 Tips to Help You Cope

  You’re outnumbered, again, but maybe not as much as you think. Estimates put introverts at between 25% to 33% of the population. If it feels like almost everyone but you is an extrovert, that’s probably because extroverts are just so obvious, and a lot of introverts are trying to be extroverts to fit in. … Read more

When the Gloves Come Off: 10 Ways for Gay Men To Handle Interpersonal Conflict

In the sport of hockey, somehow it became acceptable — even preferred — for its players to not only skate around on ice and toss a puck around, soccer-style, with sticks, but also occasionally to break out in fights.  You always know when one is about to happen.  Somebody does or says something to piss … Read more

Jack the Gay Dull Boy: Overcoming Overwork

Is that you, Jack, your eyes bagged, clothes wrinkled, and face falling into the keyboard over one more Excel spreadsheet or Powerpoint presentation?  Hey, we live in America, Puritan work ethic and all that, with fewer vacation days per year than most industrialized countries.  And everyone who’s heard the story of “the ant and the … Read more