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Gay Men, Pride Season, and Summer Lovin’

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Gay Men, Pride Season, and Summer Lovin’              Summer lovin’             Had me a blast,             Summer lovin’             Happened so fast,             I met a [girl] crazy for me             Met a boy, cute as can be! Source: Musixmatch Songwriters: Jim Jacobs / Warren Casey Summer Nights lyrics © Edwin H. Morris & Co. … Read more

Gay Men and Food: A Dynamic Relationship at Any Age

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Gay Men and Food: A Dynamic Relationship at Any Age As of the time of this writing, it’s the holiday season of 2021.  And what marks the holiday season more than seasonal foods?  Everyone, gay men included, tend to go off their diets and indulge in holiday treats like cookies, candies, baked goods, and winter … Read more

Gay Men’s Strengths: Making the Most of Your Culture

Reaching Out to Culture

  I have been a psychotherapist specializing in gay men for over 28 years, and I do this as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in California, as well as providing life/career/relationship coaching to guys outside of California and in other states and other countries around the world, and I’m also a trained sex therapist.  But … Read more

A Secular Appreciation of Christmas

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A Secular Appreciation of Christmas Conflicted About Christmas The holiday season is many things for many people, because as a world culture, it’s the time of year when the peoples of many (but not all) nations unite around symbols, customs, and rituals that reflect observance of Christmas, in areas of the world that used to … Read more

Gay Men’s Relationships: Overcoming Cultural Differences

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Cultural differences in gay men’s relationships are themes that come up frequently in my practice of therapy for gay male couples. If you’re in a relationship (particularly a new one) with a guy from a different ethnicity, nationality, or culture from yours, or know someone who is, you might find these tips helpful. In addition … Read more

Gay Men at Thanksgiving: Gratitude, History, Community

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As Thanksgiving approaches, my pondering thoughts (as I am prone to have, as bloggers do) about how this holiday relates to gay men. What meaning does it have for us, as a community, that perhaps it doesn’t really have for our straight brethren? There is overlap, for sure. For most Americans, Thanksgiving (especially those of … Read more

Gay Men’s Mental Health: 5 Tips for an Optimal Spring/Summer

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Gay Men’s Mental Health:  5 Tips for an Optimal Spring/Summer Spring has sprung!  Spring is a nice time of year for many people, because things like the doldrums of winter can be shaken off and the spring/summer seasons can usually bring a lot of nice things like sunshine, outdoor socializing, extra daylight to work/play in, … Read more

Beyond New Year’s Resolutions: Gay Men Making Real Life Changes

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Gay men making real life changes goes beyond making new year’s resolutions.  While “resolutions” are a bit a of cliche, where for many of us, the motivated and desired changes you make January 1 fade by the time February comes, making necessary changes is a hard process, even when we realize it’s important to make … Read more

A Secular Appreciation of Easter

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Keep Calm and Read Blog.  This is gonna be radical: Can we all just celebrate the religious holidays of this week without the religious part? I’m not a “believer” in anything supernatural.  No Samantha Stephens twitching her nose.  No Jeannie blinking her eyes.  No Casper the Friendly Ghost.  No Ghosts.  No Vampires.  No Werewolves.  No … Read more

Positive Life Changes for 2014: Think Big, Start Small

Happy New Year!  I like to send my New Year’s greeting to my subscribers during the SECOND week of the year.  Why? Because everyone does it around January 1st, and it’s easy for all the “New Year Resolution/Make This Year Best Year Yet” messages to get mixed up. As inspiring and valuable as material from … Read more