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Gay Therapist Discusses “Love, Simon” from a Gay Men’s Mental Health Perspective

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Shrink at the Movies:  Loving “Love, Simon” from a Gay Men’s Mental Health Perspective In my work as a licensed psychotherapist and life/business coach specializing in gay men and therapy for gay male couples for over 26 years, I blog frequently on topics on LGBTQ+ mental health in general, and gay men’s therapy in particular, … Read more

Gay Men’s Skills of Living Series: #1 – Reclaiming Your Time

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Gay Men’s Skills of Living Series: #1 – Reclaiming Your Time In this 10-part blog series on Gay Men’s Skills of Living, the first one, today, is about gay men and time management.  Since the beginning of this year, I’ve noticed that more of my clients are talking about positive, practical, empowering changes they want … Read more

Gay Men’s Fitness and Life Success: Don’t Avoid the Painful Stuff

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Gay Men’s Fitness and Gay Men’s Life Success:  Don’t Avoid the Painful Stuff   No Pain, No Gain As a therapist and life coach who specializes in gay men and gay male couples (for over 25 years now), I’ve noticed a theme in recent sessions over the past few weeks that I wanted to share … Read more

How Gay Men Can Face Any Problem: Developing Resilience – Part 1: Traits

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Whether it’s Trump’s election and his appointment of virulently anti-gay cabinet members (my article on that is here), or just everyday life challenges that would be there regardless, gay men need support to face stressors of various kinds.  Things happen that are barriers, setbacks, and losses, and when they do, we need to mobilize both … Read more

Gay Therapist Gives Tips for Gay Men Aging Gracefully: Part II: Socially and Culturally

In part I of this three-part series, (How Therapy Can Help You Age Gracefully: A Guide for Gay Men (Part I: Emotionally and Physically), we looked how therapy can help gay men age gracefully from the emotional and physical points of view.  Today, I’d like to share two new aspects of how therapy can support … Read more

Gay Men as Workplace Supervisors: Survival Tips for When You’re the New Boss

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For over 24 years, my specialty as a therapist and life/business coach has been working with gay men.  For many topics, treating or coaching a gay man is very similar to how a woman (straight or gay) or a straight man would be.  However, “cultural competency” in working with gay men demands that the provider … Read more

Gay Male Sexual Abuse, Incest, and Rape Survivors: Characteristics and Coping

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It’s a safe bet that every psychotherapist eventually will work with adults, male or female, who are survivors (I prefer this term over the word, “victims”) of childhood sexual abuse, incest, or sexual assault.  For the past 26 years, I have been a psychotherapist who specializes in working with gay men, and when I work … Read more

Mastermind Groups for Gay Men: How to Take Your Career Higher

Would you like to earn more money, work in the field you want, and make steady progress until you’re at the height of your chosen career field? Most gay men (and, indeed, most people) that I know would say “yes” to all of those.  However, only some will achieve that.  In general, gay men deal … Read more

Life as a Gay Male Introvert: 5 Tips to Help You Cope

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  You’re outnumbered, again, but maybe not as much as you think. Estimates put introverts at between 25% to 33% of the population. If it feels like almost everyone but you is an extrovert, that’s probably because extroverts are just so obvious, and a lot of introverts are trying to be extroverts to fit in. … Read more