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Gay Men and Mixing Your Boyfriend with Your Friends

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As a gay men’s specialist psychotherapist for over 30 years, life/career/relationship/executive coach, and AASECT Certified Sex Therapist, I hear about a lot of situations gay men face in the course of a week of client sessions in my full-time psychotherapy and coaching practice with gay men mostly in California but also all over the U.S. … Read more

Gay Men and How to Ruin a Friendship:   Ten Tips

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Gay Men and How to Ruin a Friendship:   Ten Tips In my 29 years as a gay men’s specialist therapist in Los Angeles, as well as being an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist, and life/career/executive coach for guys all over the world, I’ve helped a lot of guys with interpersonal relationships.  This can be about dating, … Read more

A Gay Therapist Gives Tips on How Gay Men Can Cope with the Breakup of a Friendship

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Gay Men and Friendships:  How to Cope with the Breakup of a Friendship As a gay male therapist with over 26 years of experience, I’ve seen many clients have to deal with how interpersonal relationships in their lives change over time.  Much of the time, I help guys with dating and romantic/domestic relationship issues, but lately some … Read more

The Role and Value of the “F—Buddy” or Friend with Benefits for Gay Men

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Recently, some clients in my psychotherapy practice, which for 27 years has focused on the mental health and well-being of adult gay men, have been discussing the role and value of a “fuck buddy” in their lives.  While all sexual topics (even in our “modern” age) seem to come fraught with controversy these days (and … Read more