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Gay Men Using Apps: The Dilemma of Dating versus Hookups

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Gay Men Using Apps: The Dilemma of Dating versus Hookups In my psychotherapy and coaching practice as a long-term (29 years in 2021) specialist in gay men, I’ve noticed in many client sessions lately that single guys (and those in open relationships) are presenting a dilemma about how to use the online apps like Grindr, … Read more

Gay Men and Sexting: Relax, It’s Just Texts

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A while back, I wrote an article about gay men and resisting the urge to “snoop” – that is, looking at your boyfriend/partner/spouse’s phone without his permission; more on that here. And in this article here, I offered some advice on how to use social media but avoid overwhelm, jealousy, mistrust, and stress.  Similarly, I’d … Read more

Gay Therapist Gives Gay Relationship Tips: Resist the Urge to Snoop!

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After 27 years as a therapist who specializes in gay men and couples, I’ve seen many problems in relationships repeat, over and over.  One of these is the issue of couples who are struggling to deal with jealousy.  And among jealousy issues, is snooping. Snooping is any act where one partner is doing something secretly … Read more