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Coping with Sudden Crisis:  A Personal Story

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Coping with Sudden Crisis:  A Personal Story Followers of my blog articles and podcast episodes are familiar with my work as a long-term (29 years in 2021) gay men’s specialist psychotherapist, Certified Sex Therapist, and life/career coach.  I address many topics about the mental health and well-being of gay men, but I haven’t said that … Read more

Gay Men, COVID-19, and Avoiding the Pitfalls: Substances, Lethargy, and Despair

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Gay Men, COVID-19, and Avoiding the Pitfalls: Substances, Lethargy, and Despair   Identifying and Coping with the “Pitfalls” in COVID-19 As I continue online therapy and coaching sessions in my practice at GayTherapyLA as a gay men’s specialist for individuals and couples (over 28 years in 2020), I’m seeing the effects of COVID-19 on guys … Read more

On 30 Years of Living with HIV: A Reflection: Semper Fi

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On 30 Years of Living with HIV:  A Reflection Ten years ago, on November 3, 2010, I published a blog article on 20 years of living with HIV.  It was in response to a hate letter that I received shortly before that, and I expressed my feelings then about what living with HIV was like … Read more

Gay Men’s Mental Health During COVID-19:  Next to Normal

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Mental Health During COVID-19: Next to Normal Those who know me well know that I have a life-long obsession with Broadway musicals, recently having completed writing the book, music, and lyrics for a musical of my own, “On the Boulevard,” which takes place in my own very home of West Hollywood, California, a modern re-telling … Read more

Gay Men and the Mental Health Aspects of Working from Home

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Gay Men and the Mental Health Aspects of Working from Home If you do a Google search on “tips on working from home,” you find almost too many returns.  It’s overwhelming.  I did a survey of them informally, and tried to find the “best of” those lists.  But what’s missing from them is where I … Read more

Gay Men and Coronavirus/COVID-19:  A Special Kind of Coping

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[DISCLAIMER:  THIS WAS WRITTEN ON MARCH 10, 2020, AND THE PANDEMIC HAS WORSENED SINCE.  THIS IS SUBJECT TO THE PERSPECTIVE OF THE VERY EARLIEST SIGNS OF TROUBLE IN THE UNITED STATES…] Gay Men and Coronavirus/COVID-19:  A Special Kind of Coping I wanted to provide my regular readers of the GayTherapyLA blog some thoughts as the … Read more

Gay Therapist on Gay Men and Erectile Dysfunction: Cognitive Causes and Cures

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Hard Times:  Gay Men and Erectile Dysfunction – Causes and Cures Background:  Erectile Dysfunction in Gay Men I’ve been a therapist who specializes in therapy for gay men for over 26 years, and one of the most frequent topics discussed in my office is about sexual anxieties, in particular erectile dysfunction (ED), sometimes in the … Read more

A Gay Therapist’s Tips for Gay to Men Improve Sexual Functioning: The Mind/Body Connection

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How Gay Men Improve Sexual Functioning:  The Mind/Body Connection   Sexual Satisfaction as Personal Right As I’ve learned over 25 years providing gay-affirmative therapy and coaching for gay men and gay male couples all over the world, a robust mental health is made up of certain core components.  A part of good mental health is … Read more

Gay Therapist Gives Tips for Gay Men Aging Gracefully: Part I: Emotionally and Physically

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Part I:  Emotionally and Physically In this three-part series of blog articles, I’d like to share some of the ways that I’ve seen my gay male clients benefit from therapy in a way that most people probably don’t think about:  how therapy helps with a healthy aging.  As a specialist in LGBT affirmative therapy, and … Read more

The 8 Ways Diversity is Good for Your Mental Health

The Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles (of which I was a member for a number of years in the 90’s) sings a song in its permanent repertoire called “Diversity”, singing about how the gay men in the Chorus come from many different states and many different occupations, and our “diversity makes us strong”.  I … Read more